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What kind of gas do window manufacturers use in windows?


You hear it all the time when window shopping. The windows you are looking at will typically say that they are “gas filled” windows to conserve energy and increase thermal value. So what kind of gas do they use anyway in these windows? Is it dangerous? Here are the facts for you to be a consumer in the know.

There are two common types of gas that are used in windows. Argon and Krypton. Both gases are called inert gases, meaning they do not react readily with other substances. These gases have a higher resistance to heat flow, then air. The gases are sealed between the panes to decrease a windows U-Factor, or the rate at which the window conducts non-solar heat flow. Argon gas is inexpensive, non toxic, non reactive and odorless. Krypton is more expensive and has better thermal performance.

There you have it. A crash course on window gases!