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Winter Home Improvement: Insulate Your Hot Water Heater

One of the easiest tasks can save you a lot of money this winter – insulate your hot water heater. This ensures that your water is consistently hot and can be seen immediately in your energy bill.   There are complete instructions available here!

Insulation – What You Know Can Make A Difference!

When  insulating your attic you will need to choose from batt or roll insulation, and loose fill insulation. So what are the differences between the two? We thought  we would spell it out for you so you have a general knowledge of the differences. Batt or Roll Insulation – The more common type of insulation that […]

Is It Time For A New Roof?

When is it time to get a new roof? When buying a new house, or getting a roof put on, you get a roofing material that is rated for a period of time. For years, the most common was a twenty- or twenty-five year asphalt shingle. Now, roofing materials are much more adventurous and better […]

5 Reasons To Choose Slate Roofing

For homeowners committed to green living, roofing provides an opportunity to use one of the greenest materials available. While both asphalt shingles and metal roofing can be recycled, slate is even more environmentally friendly. Here are five reasons slate is the greenest roofing material on the market today.   Slate is all natural   Slate […]

Client Testimonials – Just Say Sela

We are proud of our team and their commitment to the quality and the pride they take in their work. Remember to Just Say Sela when it comes to your home improvements!

Sela Projects: Minnetonka Roof and Chimney Renovation

Last week the team was hard at work creating a custom soldered chimney saddle and installing a new GAF Timberline Ultra  HD roof  in Minnetonka. The details of custom work are very important to get right. Using the GAF Timberline Ultra HD shingles provides amazing color, increased thickness and the highest rating for fire protection.  

When Do You Need To Call In A Roofing Contractor Pro?

Is your roof beginning to show its age? Are you starting to see signs of weather damage and wondering whether it might be time to hire a roofing contractor? Before you start to panic and worry over the thousands of dollars a new roof might cost, it is imperative you understand whether your roof truly […]

Refresh Your Back Yard For Spring With Stamped Concrete

Decorative and stamped concrete are one of the hottest trends for patios, driveways, concrete floors, entryways, countertops, pool decks, and much more. Decorative concrete is a very unique element that can bring beauty and design to your new or existing project. No better way to refresh your backyard just in time for summer! Do you […]

Owens Corning Offers Fashionable Advice For Your Roof

We have been Owens Corning Preferred Platinum Contractor for years, and we love installing their full line of products. Lately they have brought a touch of fashion and color trends to their line of shingles and we are loving homeowners reactions to them. Watch the video and find out if you are a spring or a […]